Creative Procrastination at it's finest!

Practical Procrastination Projects

Since I haven’t posted in awhile, I’m kicking the dust off this blog! From my last post on female playa’s, well… I’m about to post about how to make DIY Earring stand/holders. So I’ll let you be the judge on my dating life status and also how cool I am.

I got in an uber accident and am on heavy meds, like percoset at this time. So this is why I’m posting this random weird fake martha stewart non-sense! Enjoy!!

Who cares, no one’s reading this and I’m bored mending a concussion and broken eye socket. So for now, I reveal practical procrastination project # 1!

#1: DIY Earring Stand

I don’t know about you, but I have been searching for ways to keep my earrings in tact, without breaking them, losing one and the worst problem, losing a back to a stud somewhere in a jewelry box. I googled some ideas and added my own personal touch. Here’s what it looks like so far:


I repurposed a pretty pushpin board that I had been struggling to figure out how to use. Now it’s not only cute but functional and I can see my pieces, which helps me from a visual standpoint to remember what I have and best coordinate accessories.

Materials I used:


Patterned Paper, cardboard pieces (in various sizes), string, scissors, glue stick, push pins, black sharpie marker, Riktig metal clip hooks ($2.99/pack of 24 @ IKEA) and a paper cutter.

If you don’t have a push pin board, *scroll below for alternative mounting ideas.

First, collect a few sizes of cardboard that will suffice to hold all of your earrings.

Then, pick some of your favorite patterned paper to use as the backdrop:


Size the paper to the cardboard piece, size accordingly. Begin drawing your creative frame patterns according to the size of your earrings:


Glue paper and cardboard pieces together:


Cut slits in each frame where you will affix your earrings (Note: Take care when sliding your earrings through your holes or slits, as the backs are delicate and you want to avoid any damage):



Size the string you will use to hang your earring stand to your push pin board (or whatever backdrop you choose). Affix string with push pins and hang your piece using the metal hooks and Voila!


Cork boards and magnet boards serve as good alternatives to hang your earring stands:


Or even DIY and use a recycled toilet paper or paper towel cone and cut on an angle to affix to the back of your cardboard masterpiece:


Hence, a creation all your own that is cheap, easy and each unique draw design frames each piece like it’s own work of art! A very practical project to consider when one needs to exercise a little procrastination. Have fun 😛


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