Damn it Lucky Penny!

Do you ever get really excited when you come out of an establishment or turn round a corner and spot girl scouts selling cookies? I always try to capitalize on the opportunity myself and today I walked out of a rather intense pilates session, pick up a heads up lucky penny and immediately spot those little ladies across the way. It’s my birthday! So I pull over in a loading zone, throw on my flashers and write a scribbly $4.00 check for some tag alongs. It’s my birthday! I love when this happens.

On my way to the grocery store, I tear open the box and figured I owe myself a few after a rather intense workout.  When in the grocery store, I spot a super hot guy checking me out — definitely impressive because I was a little sweaty.  After a few aisles and a close walk by in frozen foods, I notice him looking at me again!  Thank you heads up lucky penny Gods!

At check out, I notice him approaching and I pretend to be really interested in some random nut mix next to the counter. Ahh, he’s approaching! I know it’s happening, I’m going to pass gas.

Hot Guy: “Hey, did you recently eat girl scout cookies?”

Me: (Confused)…Say Nothing

Hot Guy: “Oh because you have a piece of the box stuck in your scarf.” He points to my chest and have a large, ripped piece of tag along box stuck to my boob.

Me: “Oh, wow, that’s embarrassing. How could you tell I ate them on the way from the girl scout stand. I thought I had cookies on my face or something!” (Ok, I’m being retarded, walk away now hot guy).

Hot Guy: “Well, actually, you have a little chocolate on your cheek, but I wasn’t going to say anything.”

Hot Guy exits stage left and not-so-hot Check Stand Guy smiles at me and picks up where Hot Guy left off.  I fake laugh and avoid eye contact while I stare down at the chocolate stain on my white shirt, left boob. Also, did I mention I was sweaty?  WTF! After a long and grueling work day and work out, I should have just eaten tag alongs for dinner in the safety of my car/home like I considered doing at one point and called it a day.

When I got safely back in my car, this little nugget on the cookie box made me feel better. I’m not sure it helped me in this sticky situation  but man do those girl scouts really have it dialed in —



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